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PUBLISHERS WM. WOOD A. CO.. 51 FIFTH AVENUEc See fourth page following reading matter for Rates of Subscription and Information for Contributors and Subscribers. New York, September l\, 19 15. THE BROADENING SCOPE OF THE BINET- SIMON TESTS. The ability to apply some sort of rule or measure to problems which confront us is very gratifying to one a.=;pect of human goldviagra psychology. It does away with the feeling of insecurity. Hence the pedantic ex- actness of neurotics, according to Alfred Adler of Vienna, who says that they suffer from a chronic feeling of insecurity and seek a sense of security by endeavoring to gauge everything exactly, to drop hitherto unknown elements into definite mental com- partments. The popularity of such tests as those of Binet-Simon is due largely to this manner of think- ing. Intended by their originators only for juvenile use they have been applied viagra tablets in pakistan by other investigators to aid in the solution of certain puzzling adult con- ditions. Thus the adult offender, who does not show any gross psychotic symptoms, is subjected to these tests and often found wanting. W. C. Sullivan, writing in the Lancet of March 23, 1912, reported the use of these tests on a number of prisoners with interesting results. He especially recommended them for application to those adult delinquents who show a superficial liveliness and even wittiness which is apt to mislead untrained ob- servers and cause them to overlook intellectual de- fects. Dr. Sullivan advises certain alterations in the tests to make them more suitable for adults. Following in his footsteps M. Hamblin Smith (Lancet, July 17, 1915) has applied the tests to a number of prisoners. He divides his cases into "feeble-minded" and "not feeble-minded," but does not make his distinction quite clear, although he is careful to state that by "not feeble-minded" he does not necessarily mean mentally normal. Like most investigators who have used these tests on subjects viagra tablets in pakistan other than those for which they were intended, Smith recommends various modifications of them. He thinks that they are useful only for males of 25 years and below and for females of 30 years and younger. Above these ages, he asserts, co- operation is difficult to obtain and the subject is more inaccessible. He says that goldviagra the failure to reach any given standard of intelligence is not of itself sufficient reason for regarding the subject as feeble-minded. Another field for the Binet-Simon tests is ex- ploited by Louis Wender (A'^. Y. Medical Journal, March 6, 1915), who thinks they are valuable in the senile psychoses, especially where the hallucina- tory and delusional fields are not prominent, but where the mental disorder consists viagra tablets in pakistan rather of a sim- ple deteriorating process. Wender examined thirty old men of this type. He found that the longer the disease had been in existence the more pronounced was the retrogression. After suggesting several re- visions of the tests the writer gives two instances where they may be of value in seniles. He says that where it is difficult to make a diagnosis between arteriosclerotic dementia and senile dementia fail- ure to pass these tests speaks for the latter condi- tion. He also suggests that they be applied to old persons in a viagra tablets in pakistan community who have deteriorated to the extent that they are not capable of handling their financial affairs and yet who do not show tend- encies which would necessitate intramural care. The problem of the amount of deterioration which exists in chronic alcoholics is often puzzling, and Dr. D. Percy Hickling (Washington Medical An- nals, May, 1913) thinks that it may be solved by these tests. He says that often a slight degree of deterioration is present in the chronic alcoholic, so slight as to be imperceptible to his associates and yet real enough to impair his goldviagra social efficiency. Failure to retain positions which he formerly held often goldviagra drives him back to alcoholism as a refuge. This deterioration may be discovered by the goldviagra Binet- Simon tests which Hickling recommends applying to all alcoholics who seem to be failing in efficiency. He states that these tests do not show accurately the degree of mental deterioration, but they do show that such exists. Thus we have many suggestions for the use of the Binet-Simon tests in other ways than for chil- dren. Certainly they have the advantage of being simple to apply and of being readily usable by any physician even though he have no psychiatric train- ing. It is only required that he follow closely the directions viagra tablets in pakistan given by the originators. Judging by the views of those investigators who have worked with them in alien fields we shall have in time complete modifications of the Binet-Simon tests to fit such types as the heboidophrenic, the alcoholic subject, and the senile dement. FUNCTIONAL DISEASES OF THE ARTERIES. Relatively scant attention has been paid to the diseases of the arterial system, particularly those goldviagra of functional nature, when compared with the vast amount of study that has been devoted to the func- tional diseases of the heart. The former are really three times as common as the latter, as pointed out by Sir Lauder Brunton in the Lancet, July 24, 1915. The functions and the disturbances of the arteries